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Organizations that have been looking for ways to simplify their clinical communications have reached out to us with inquiries over the past two decades, so we've collected those to help as you discover whether or not BlueNote may be the solution you need for better team collaboration.

How does BlueNote Communicator ...

Virtual Room Flags


Instant Awareness

The keys to whole-office communication are trustworthiness and glanceability, which need to be achieved without compromising computer screen "real estate." No matter how connected computers and devices are to one another, if users are not consistently updated with pending notifications, ...

BlueNote Communicator Lights virtual light panel software runs effortlessly on the newer, affordable Windows Surface Go tablets; however, if the tablet purchased is the Home version, it starts in S mode, which means that it will only run apps from the Microsoft store. Fortunately, you can switch it out of this mode easily.

Keep ...

Skype is not HIPAA compliant

The relaxation of enforcement policies that allowed healthcare businesses to function without fear of fines is coming to an end. Now that patients are allowed to visit providers again and we're no longer in an emergency situation, there's not an allowable excuse for a security breach or a privacy violation.

You may begin to defend the use ...

Gone are the days where clinicians and administrative team members feel free to easily help one another out during routine office rounds. Instead, we're expected to "don" and "doff" personal protective equipment, completely sanitize ourselves between patients, and limit all movement as much as possible.

Many offices already ...

BlueNote Software

HIPAA Secure intra-office communication software built for healthcare. Thousands of practices rely on BlueNote daily to keep team members moving.

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