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Making it all happen easier.

While we all strive to be more efficient in our work lives, what it is that we really want is ease. Ease is a place of comfort, knowing that everything is handled and is in its place, and that it got there in a way that lets us focus on what it is that we really do.

BlueNote is about collaboration, discovery, finding this ease, and about helping our clients find it as well. You’ll notice that all of our software programs are unrestricted, instant downloads of full versions that let you try them on as many computers as you need. Once you purchase a license it will never expire.

Taking care of our customers.

Support never expires, either. You’ll find a ticket system built in to BlueNote Communicator Lights that gives you unlimited access to our problem-solving as well as free help online for all our products. If you ever have a situation that’s more complex, you pay only for the remote or phone support you use. This keeps your initial software price lower and eliminates the need for a monthly or yearly fee.

Never stop learning and growing.

Through our successes and failures, we’ve realized that good software programs have a solid workflow and ideology that is capable of evolving. We start with the core, the essentials, so that there is a deep base, and then allow client experiences and feedback to help us curate the software into a system that will be relevant and useful for many years. Our BlueNote Classic is truly a classic in that sense, while also inspiring us to take risks and bring new ideas and products to the world of intraoffice communication.

Getting everyone to work together.

When it comes to workflow in a practice, one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves when we add a new feature is “will this help our users help each other?” In your office, your work involves so much more than your expected or assigned tasks, especially during very busy times. Our software is designed to let everyone in the practice know that a bottleneck is starting to form so that falling behind schedule never happens. Business team members and clinicians all instantly know what needs to be done to get everyone back on track.

What does BlueNote mean for you, then? It means that we try to give you the purest software experience possible, in anonymity if you’d like, without the pressure of sales people. We trust our clients to share what they love about BlueNotes, and sometimes what they don’t love about it. It’s why we integrate diagnostics within your support requests which helps us with our goal of trying to solve your problem the same day that you contact us. It also means that we continually focus on making reliable software that is simple to understand and use.


BlueNote began in true Texas tradition: as a napkin sketch over lunch at a Tex-Mex restaurant in early 2004.

The problem was struck between two old-style intra-office communication systems: although consultants for an office remodeling were recommending earbuds and walkie-talkies, the dentist wasn’t keen on the idea. A $10,000 price tag and commitment to installed light panels didn’t go over well either.

So a conversation sprouted between the engineers who had installed the new phones in this practice: could we build a system that blended the best of radios and light panels?

A few months later, BlueNote Communicator made its debut at the Southwest Dental Conference as a prototype, and dentists were already lining up with feature suggestions. The designers listened to these ideas and delivered a software program that was personalized for the way that dental practices really work.

Today we are a small indie software developer located in Keller, Texas. Our focus is on innovative intra-office communications products for dental and medical offices. And we still look to our users for ways to improve their software, ways to make it work better for themselves and ultimately for all our clients.

Thanks for inspiring us.

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