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“My team immediately responds when they see or hear a BlueNote - we all know exactly where help is needed.”

The power of Good Interruptions

BlueNote Communicator Lights is a glanceable intercom that helps your organization's members communicate instantly within the powerful network of devices that already exist in your office by giving each one of them the ability to get the right person's attention with movement, sounds, colors, and words.

Light Panel Workflow
Room 1 Light Actions

Designed to be where you are.

Before computers and wifi networks were introduced throughout medical practices, it was necessary to install external doctor call boxes to walls and counters, such as The Communicator, Porter Navicoms, Comlite, Visicom, Theta Lites, DigitUp, Cornell Lights, Expeditor, KelKom and others. BlueNote Lights requires no additional hardware expense, since existing Windows PCs host the program. More importantly, BlueNotes are far more effective than plastic light panels for summoning the right person at the right time.

When you know what your office needs in order to communicate better, it’s easy to set up BlueNote Lights for everyone from your computer, so that each user will receive the office-wide settings automatically as the program is added to all the other computers.

No Cloud Required

No IT Required

Communicating in 10 Minutes or less

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HIPAA. Patient Safety. Encryption and Security

BlueNote Communicator Lights is secure. All BlueNote communications stay inside your network safely behind your Firewall; no Internet required. We also use the latest industry-standard encryption algorithms to encrypt data transmitted and stored on your network by BlueNote Communicator Lights.

Communication made simple

BlueNote Lights connects Dental, Eyecare, Veterinary, and healthcare teams together for one-click intra-office communications. Communicate with sound, color-coded alerts, SMS alerts, and private messages.

Upgrade Protection

Receive all new features released within the next 12 months, including major versions. Because maintenance updates are free for the life of the purchased version, there's no need to pay for upgrades for the software to continue working properly.

No Subscriptions

We're not fans of software subscriptions. When you purchase a BlueNote Standard or Plus license, it's yours to use for as long as you would like!

BlueNote Communicator Lights

It all starts with a Click  

With visual and audible indications that your staff can easily understand, BlueNote Lights is a powerful digital representation of your communications workflow.

Ready for Dr. A

Ready for Dr. B

Ready for Dr. C

Ready for Handoff

Assistance Needed

Waiting for dismissal

Bring pt to front

Ready. Set. BlueNoteGo

BlueNote Go

Engage communication from anywhere on the Windows desktop. The floating taskbar brings Lights or Conversations above all other windows. BlueNoteGo buttons make it simple to announce "I'm ready" or activate Do Not Disturb to mute all notifications in clinical areas.

BlueNote Go in action

GoFocus Light Strip

Introducing the GoFocus light strip Dock - a convenient alternative to multiple pop-ups that can disrupt your workflow. With this feature enabled, a small bar will appear on either the left or right side of your primary monitor and an icon will be added to your Go button. Clicking on the icon or hovering over the GoFocus Dock will display all notifications in your Focused view, in the order they were received. The GoFocus Dock is designed to display all notification data in a single strip of colored bars, making it easy to glance at and view all your Light information as needed. Say goodbye to distracting pop-ups and stay focused on your work with GoFocus.

Unique Intra-Office Communications

Critical communications should never get lost or missed. Our conversations module allows team members to target specific locations for private messaging. At the same time, the BlueNote Light Panel alerts and timers ensure that notifications and tasks are shared between all staff.

No Training Required

Communication Systems should be reliable, repeatable, and effective. Because BlueNote Lights essentially is an overlay of your current workflow, it gives the team a familiar way to check in with one another to make sure everyone’s needs are being met.

Visual Aging

Provide your staff with an easy way to determine how long a message has been active. The customizable default times for each Light are 3 minutes, 7 minutes, and then Red after 10 minutes.







Color coded popup alerts

Popup alerts let you know when new Lights are activated or when they have been updated. The color of a popup can indicate aging time or the custom color assigned to the task, provider, or location.

Label Text

Room 2
2:30 PM | Ready for Dr. A

Key Features and Enhancements

Light Tags

Manually add an occupant, patient, or client tag to a light at any time throughout a single Light event.

Light Escalation

Visually express the importance of any Light by adding “Escalate” to call more attention to posted messages.

Priority Escalation

Manually change the sort order of an active Light with three priority tiers. In other words, a Light can manually be sorted to the top of the Focused mode list.


Popup Alerts, Tones, SMS, Email and Pushover options make sure that nothing gets missed, regardless of where a user is located in the practice.

Alert Manager

Selectively control the alerts for each computer to make sure that every interruption is intentional, and eliminate notifications that do not serve a particular area of the office.

Focused Mode

Each user can sort active Lights by the time each one is turned on, effectively creating a personal dynamic Light queue. Control which Lights are included in Focused Mode and how they are displayed in the Focused options.

Daily Activity

Review the day's cleared lights, such as the 'time to clear' a light and light tags, to understand communication efficiencies better. You can also see the computer where users turn the lights off and on.

Delayed Light

No need to remove gloves to click a Light at a certain moment! Set a Delay and a Light will turn on automatically at a predetermined time in the future.

Elapsed Timers

Every Light tracks how many minutes it has been active on the Light Panel. Elapsed times can be temporarily or permanently set to On at each workstation.

Light Panel Labels

Organize Lights by easily creating Labels (headers) to visually separate Lights, whether they are used for arrival messages, room status messages, or plain light alerts. Or leave some buttons blank to create simple patterns that make navigation more friendly.

Sound Library

Decide which tone palette best fits the mood of the office. From spoken tones, soft melodic notes, animal sounds, and short chirps, to high-frequency chimes that soar over office noise, users can receive notifications with their ears instead of always needing to be near a computer display.

Do Not Disturb

Temporarily shut off all interruptions at each BlueNote client by engaging Do Not Disturb, and all other users will see a headphone icon displayed alongside your Conversation name to know that you are busy elsewhere.

BlueNote Actions

Customizable BlueNotes (messages) let you add Color and Sound to workflow tasks and notifications. BlueNotes can even reset the aging time, so staff members will quickly know how long the light or message has been active.

Privacy Lock

Prevent unauthorized use on all workstations by enabling users to temporarily lock and unlock their communicator with a 3-digit office code.

Remote View

Turn any browser-enabled device connected to the office's private secure network into a remote control for BlueNote Lights activity, including Apple and Android devices.


Yes, BlueNotes has a built-in chat system! Simplify direct messaging between users, which blends the familiarity of social icons and chat with the continuity of email.

Communications where you need it.

Need communications in the Lab, Break Room, or Consultation Room? Using BlueNote Remote with a web browser or Windows tablet is an inexpensive option for locations with space limitations or that have no need for a larger computer and monitor. Simply connect your Windows tablet to your internal WiFi network and install BlueNote or use a web browser on your WiFi-connected mobile device to communicate with BlueNote Remote.

BlueNote Remote View (No App Required)

Glancable access for communication "dark zones" in your practice. Don't have PC's everywhere? Interact with existing BlueNote clients from any device connected to your private network, whether it's an iPad, a Chromebook, or even a personal phone. Each BlueNote client can activate Remote, allowing a web browser to see up to 30 active lights or interact with a single light as a remote control.

BlueNote Remote active lights
BlueNote Remote Light Actions for Room 4

Why try Lights?

Because BlueNotes need to be experienced first, by the people who will actually be using them. The program isn't simply technology that you can view on a monitor to understand how it really works. Strictly speaking, blue notes are the microtones between the regular notes on a musical scale. You can hear them when they're played or when someone sings them, but there's no way to write them down. Blue notes are soul - they make all the difference between classical and modern music. There is so much more to our BlueNotes than messaging. The system becomes the living heartbeat of an office with audible and glanceable information so that everyone knows where kindness is needed every moment of the day.

BlueNote is purpose-built for the Healthcare industry. Get started today.

Loved by thousands

  • Intuitive, smart, and easy to use. Easily customizable and can easily be set up to accomplish many tasks in the office. Makes my life and everyone else's in the office much easier.

    Shawn Gilliard, Grace Pediatrics
  • After nearly 20 years in dentistry and having experience using everything from post-It notes, the Dental-Call buzzer system and expensive 2-way radios, I can, without a doubt, say this is the most intuitive and easily implementable system in Dentistry today. We use Dentrix G7, but the Blue Notes software is like jumping from Windows 98 to Windows 11 in terms of practical implementation. Your staff will love it!

    Gurpreet Sidhu DMD |
  • We love the system, it has made life so much easier and helped tremendously with efficiency. I am in several veterinary groups and have told them all about this system.

    Paula Coleman, Aardvark Animal Hospital
  • An Excellent addition to our office, far more flexible then our old hard wired system, and customizable to meet our individual demands as a practice. Another Satisfied Customer.

    John Mulay, Golden Vision Clinic
  • Switching from our previous paging system to BlueNote can only be compared to switching from film x-rays to digital x-rays: It was revolutionary for our practice!

    Anthony Parisek DDS
  • Great product for our supported offices.

    Heartland Dental
  • I love the way BlueNote works for our office! We used to use a radio system but we are so much happier with BlueNote!

    Melissa McIntyre, Briargate Advanced Family Dental
  • We are very pleased with what BlueNote has provided for our practice. It has 100% helped in our ability to communicate throughout the office and definitely increased our efficiency.

    Liz Gonzalez, Lakeland Veterinary Hospital
  • Should have done a long time ago.

    Diane Kapadia OD, St. Johns Eye Associates St. Augustine
  • Quick, easy, efficient and convenient.

    Leigh Johnston, St. Johns Eye Associates World Golf Village
  • Love now simple and customizable Blue Note has been. The entire staff picked it up quickly. Great in office communication tool.

    Bri Carroll, Harbor Dental
  • So far it has been very easy to use and customize for our needs. We are transitioning from a dated wall-mounted system, and this software has greatly improved our communication.

    Hannah Lavin, Endodontics of Cherry Creek & DTC
  • Great product with fantastic support people. This has made our staff's lives easier and our efficiency go up.

    Dallas Highway Animal Hospital
  • Awesome! Everyone in our practice has embraced it! It is easy to use and customize to exactly what our practice wants. So helpful! Our Doctor loves it, too!

    Stephanie Jackson, Tetrick Family Dentistry
  • Perfect software to help with our clinic flow and communications between team members.

    Phil Lo OD, Eye Clinics of Seattle
  • We've been using BlueNote for over 10 years. It is a fundamental piece of the daily functioning of our practice. Communication is simple, reliable and well documented. BlueNote has been everything that we need an intraoffice communication system to be.

    T. Lance Collier, DMD
  • We use for all of our offices and love the product.

    Czad Dziadosz, Ascendent Health Partners
  • Great and simple app! Does just what you need and nothing more, no bloat! Thanks!!

    Maurice Masliah DDS, Dental Design of Brentwood
  • Entire staff loves the program! We have 15 computers in use right now but will be adding more in the new year when we move to our new and bigger location. Having this program will do wonders for us in a bigger office.

    Amy Bonifacio, Desert Hills Dental
  • Our office loves this system, it makes everything so much easier then walkie talkies.

    Alvorada Dentistry
  • We love it. It works perfectly for what we need and the Support is amazing!

    Carla Doggett, Striegel Animal Hospital
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