• Be kind to one another.

    The current crisis is capable of bringing out the best in each of us. We are all having to reinvent interactions so that we’re able to work together as we move forward. Our role is to help you and your team communicate better, so that everyone can know precisely where kindness is needed in your practice.

    Be ready.

    In this moment, while you have more patience than patients (see what we did there?), you are looking for ways to streamline your workflow. Why? Because clinical time will become very scarce and valuable, as practice schedules start filling up again in the coming months. Until then, we’re here to help you find the hidden talents that can bind your team together. That’s what BlueNote does. That’s what we do.

    Be willing.

    Reach out to us by phone, email or schedule a time on our demo calendar to learn more about BlueNotes, or to add Lights to your practice for free with no immediate cost or obligations. Keeping the world moving forward is how we’ll all get back to business.

  • Manage patients in the parking lot from inside the office.

    The best ideas come from our customers that have been using BlueNote Communicator
    systems over the last two decades. Right now there is a need to limit the number of patients in the waiting room, so many offices are keeping patients in their vehicles when they first arrive at the office.

    So what is the best way to manage patients that are waiting in the parking lot? By creating a virtual waiting room. We’ve polled many of our customers - dentists in dental practices, optometrists in eyecare clinics, as well as physicians in general medical clinics - and the constant seems to be that they want patients to remain in their cars until an exam room is ready. BlueNote Lights helps everyone in the practice manage not only the virtual waiting room, but also where doctors need to go next, which rooms are occupied, and which rooms are ready.

    We’ve created an entire help guide in our online library for this specific purpose, along with a template for you to try out if you’ve never used BlueNote Lights before.

Thousands of practices rely on BlueNote daily to keep team members moving.

HIPAA Compliant

30 Day trial with no credit card required. You can begin using BlueNote in just a few minutes. No IT staff, No Server, No Cloud, or Internet connection needed. Have a question? Give us a call at (469) 648-0172.

Intra-Office Communication made simple!

Focus energy on your patients and not trying to keep up with staff members. Simple, concise communications add up to significant productivity gains.

The power of One. Click.

One to the many, that's the concept of BlueNote Communicator Lights. You are one person, one clinician, one front office team member that needs to make something happen in the practice, right now. So Click It! A single click is all that is needed to alert staff that a patient has just arrived or that an assistant is needed.

BlueNote Light Panel

Click and take Action.

Lights do so much more than blink! Deeper actions within each light give you the power to deliver precise information exactly when it’s needed. You can even use BlueNotes to help you gauge how much time is being spent gathering health history, waiting for a doctor, or time between procedures.

add or edit a comment or bluenote to a light

Click. Pop. Ding.

Popups discreetly let you know when new Lights are activated. Or program a Light to trigger your smart phones and watches. Our email and text messaging alerts follow you no matter where you are in the practice.

Click to turn on a light
Pop. BlueNote Popup Alert
popup alert when a light is turned on or edited
receive SMS alerts on your Apple watch or mobile device when a bluenote light is turned on or activated.

Mobile Notification

Have a Conversation.

Conversations let you ask a question, share a thought, request help or simply let a staff member know they have a call. Messages can be sent to single or multiple staff members as needed. As the message progresses, it will be threaded together into a single conversation with each time-stamped response in order.

have instant message type conversations with one or more users in your practice

By the numbers.

How long is each Light active? Who is clearing a Light? BlueNote’s Light History lets you compare averages, know where and when a Light was cleared, and gather daily metrics for communication efficiency.

see a detailed history of all lights activated and how many times an individual light was activated

While BlueNote’s features themselves are easy to program and use, the challenge is knowing what to program. What kind of office do you have? How do you want to display tasks and messages? And how do you want your Lights to work? For that, we’ve created some Examples, so that your Lights are pre-set for your type of office.

 HIPAA. Patient Safety. Encryption and Security.

BlueNote Communicator Lights is secure! All BlueNote communications stay inside your network, no Internet required. We also use the latest industry standard encryption algorithms to encrypt data transmitted on your network by BlueNote Communicator Lights.

30 Day trial with no credit card required. You can begin using BlueNote in just a few minutes. No IT staff, Server, or Internet connection needed. Purchase with Confidence View Customer Bill of Rights

One-click communications in a busy practice is all that is needed to alert staff to a ready patient, a new arrival to the reception room or to call an assistant to an operatory. BlueNote Communicator Lights does not require the use of a server or an internet connection, installation takes only a few minutes and can be set up in your practice without IT help.

Instant messaging and chat programs are great for one-on-one chats, but they are less than ideal when you don't know the location of a staff member. BlueNote has customizable notifications and complete visibility of all active lights.

General Features

  • 4 Practice Wide Light Panels with up to 120 Programmable Light buttons
  • Conversations Messaging system to communicate directly with individual computers
  • Office Status - Visually show when staff is out to lunch or gone for the day
  • Aging System that changes the color of a light based on how long it has been active
  • Tone and Popup alert notifications per light
  • Time Stamped History
  • History Export
  • Sequenced View to sort and show only active lights
  • Alert Manager to filter out un-needed tones and popup alerts
  • Do Not Disturb to temporarily mute all notifications
  • System Wide Quick Messages
  • Privacy Lock to secure unattended clients
  • Resizable client to fit your Windows desktop
  • Server-less design - no software to load on your server
  • VPN and Terminal Services compatible
  • Secure Network Communications

Individual Light Features

  • Three levels of Priority
  • Each Light can be programmed with a unique tone from our library of 200 tones
  • Custom BlueNote Messages
  • Custom Color
  • Light Escalation
  • Refresh Light Notifications
  • Delayed Post
  • Time Stamped Comments
  • Single Click Light Activation
  • Elapsed Minute Counter

Communications where you need it

Need communications in the Lab, Break Room or Consultation Room? Using a Windows tablet is an inexpensive option for locations with space limitations or that have no need for a larger computer and monitor. Simply connect your Windows tablet to your internal WiFi network and install BlueNote.

BlueNote Communicator Lights is optimized for use with Windows tablets from many different manufacturers. We support Microsoft Windows tablets running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10. Here are a few device recommendations that are used by our customers.

Microsoft Surface GO tablet (New)
Microsoft Surface Devices

Loved by thousands

  • Our staff love using BlueNote Lights. It has enhanced communication and increased our clinic's productivity exponentially. We would love a lot more animal sounds to be added though! - Sterner Veterinary Clinic
  • This is the intra-office communication software I've been looking for! Love everything about it: the customization, ability to install on unlimited workstations with one license, and the always on status (no additional logins required). So much better than other internet or EHR based messaging systems we have tried. You have made my communication dreams come true. No more having to pick up a phone or leave the exam room to get what I need for a patient. The clinic is starting to hum with efficiency. Thank you so much! - Nathan Heilman, OD - Northfield MN
  • SO happy and thankful! Our veterinary practice is more efficient and thorough, and communicating has improved above and beyond my expectations as a manager. Such an easy transition for the staff. The alert sounds are a fun addition too of course! - Pine Tree Veterinary
  • We have been very pleased with our 30 day trial and are looking forward to using it. Everyone that I have dealt with has been very friendly and so helpful!!! I would highly recommend BlueNote. - Ash General Dentistry
  • Great way to communicate across a large office. Wearing radios allows one conversation to be held at a time and it goes to all parties. Blue Note allows the customization for multiple conversations to be held at your fingertips and you can control who gets the messages. We love the alerts that stay up until doctor has taken care of exams and the quick messages that can be sent to a specific computer instead of everyone hearing the message. It helps cut out confusion on which person is sending the message. Great investment! - Valerie Moore - My Dentist Joplin
  • This has been a life saver for our practice and our patients! THANK YOU!!!!! - Tammy Boudry, DDS
  • We love it...we went away from it for a while, were using a different program, and the whole staff is excited to come back to BlueNote. - Brad Redmond - Riverstone Dental Care
  • I like BlueNote lights a lot…. I prefer BlueNote lights over google's chat, Squiggle (intranet messanger) and another that we tried that I can't remember. We used to be with Practice Director and they had a great inter-office tracking feature, but other negative aspects of that software meant that we could not keep the sound up on the PCs running that software, so having the sounds with BlueNote is great. - Jay Chretien, OD
  • The flexibility and ease of use is amazing. Super user friendly which has made for a great transition from our hard wired system ! Customer support also has been great! - Becky Rottman, Endodontics PA Baltimore
  • We started using the Blue Note System when we moved into our new office about a month and a half ago. We absolutely love it. We are able to communicate with each other without having to get up and go from operatory to operatory. “When the patient gets here I can just send the Doctor a blue note instead of having to get up and interrupt his work to tell him his patient has arrived. The hygienist can request exams without having to go down the hall and find the dentist. It makes everything run much smoother and in a more timely manner. I would recommend the system for any type of professional office.
  • BlueNote saved our practice over $8000 by not installing a new Theta communications system in our new office. Love it!
  • BlueNotes are awesome! We’ve used this program now in our dental office for about two years and love it. It’s easy for everyone on our staff to use–installation and training was a breeze. We appreciate being able to customize it to our situation and would recommend it to anyone needing great communication throughout the office.
  • Just a quick note to tell you (y'all?) how much we LOVE BlueNote. Within a half-hour of downloading and installing it we were hooked. This simple little program has made such a huge difference in how smoothly our day runs. Hands-down, this is one of the best purchases we have ever made for office!

    Thanks again for a wonderful product.
  • I received the software with my morning package delivery and within an hour we were using it. It was simple to install and has worked flawlessly. We have 12 networked computers and a server and have been able to use BlueNote on all of them. “My staff loves that they don’t have to use the keyboard much, just a click or two of the mouse and the message is sent with a personal tone to alert others. My office is 3400 sq. ft. and the staff found it inefficient to walk around looking for who they needed. The cost was a fraction of a wired in communicator and much more flexible. And what is even better is if I ever move I can take it with me and start over without added expense. We have used the communicator for several months now and have not had to change a thing. It was designed to work perfectly in a dental office and I highly recommend you try it in yours.
  • We are new to Blue Notes, but we have loved using the system for the 30 day trial period. What an awesome way to be able to try it out without an initial financial investment!
  • We had previously used the typical 10-light button system dental offices have used for years and occasionally used the software included in our practice management software. However, with the installation of BlueNote, we’ve been more efficient in our “silent” communications, resulting in better service to our patients. “Your support has been exceptional and your responsiveness to our suggestions for software enhancements has been unparalleled. Please count me as an enthusiastic user of BlueNote Communicator!
  • Our whole office loves BlueNote Communicator. I want you to know how happy I am with my Communicator/Timer combo. It's already the coolest dental product on the market. Our patients think we're really "high tech" for just using it. Thanks for improving our workflow.
  • We have been looking for something exactly like this for two years. Now we don't want to spend a minute without the system. We have fine tuned all the messages to what we use and it works great, especially the hot keys for quick paging! We are now sharing the great find with any one who will listen (including our patients). Great system, what a time saver! We also have started using the Blue Timer for dental procedures and employees really like it compared to the old digital timers we had in each operatory. Thanks for your software - both have saved us time in many ways.
  • This program has greatly increased the efficiency of our office. We have been able to expedite our patient flow and become extremely efficient. - Lauren Harmon, Heber Springs Eye Care Center
  • We love BlueNote so far - we had tried a trial with another product and was very disappointed. Called local dentist in our area and they stated they use BlueNote and loved it. We were able to get it up and running in no time and have really liked the product on our trial basis.
  • I would like to thank the people of BlueNote Communicator for coming up with an outstanding product. We have a very busy dental office with eight operatories. Our office employs two dentists and three hygienists. For well over a year, our in-office communication system, [a wireless light panel] was a source of complaint at our weekly staff meetings. We continued to work at tweaking the way we used it, for we didn’t know of any alternative. “We heard about BlueNote and decided to download the free trial software. It was an instant hit at our office. We knew after one or two days we were not going to practice without this program again. It seems as though our communication system continues to be a topic of conversation at every staff meeting. Only now, it is a “thank you” for purchasing BlueNote Communicator. It has greatly decreased the amount of stress in our office. Now you can look at the screen and immediately know who needs you and where you are needed. It even lets you know how long your hygienist or patient has been waiting, so that you can prioritize which room to go to next. I just wanted to take the time to let you know of the impact you have made on our practice. Thank you BlueNote!
  • We LOVE Blue Note after using it for the 30 day trial. Easy to use and customize.

Purchase with Confidence View Customer Bill of Rights

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