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Dental and oral surgery practices rely on doctors that know where to go next. The team shares a common communication panel that provides effortless transitions to each patient, as well as automating the practice workflow, including managing sterilization needs, checkout procedures, and knowing how long each patient has been waiting.

Because BlueNote Lights is not cloud-based, it will need to be downloaded and installed at each computer where communications are needed. If you are a current customer, you should download using the Customers link above.

Lights are the shared platform from which everyone in the office dives into their own alerts, whether or not they are notifying others, or responding to notifications that are already active. Under the surface you’ll discover Light Actions, which are custom fit to your practice to make Lights relevant and super-responsive.

Light Panel BlueNote Communicator Lights
Light Actions BlueNote Light Actions

Need help with customization? Choose an example below that best fits your practice.

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Free up your mental space and regain peace and harmony in your practice. When BlueNotes are used regularly, they can prevent lost doctors and assistants, save valuable time that can be used to see more patients (or browse social media!) and help everyone avoid staff arguments about who requested what first.

Not all messaging services are HIPAA compliant and protect your data. We're not interested in your data; it's your data, not ours. We charge a flat one-time fee for BlueNote. That makes our business work without having to sell data, advertise to you, or otherwise engage in questionable marketing tactics. We make a great product, and you pay a reasonable price for it — that's fair for everyone.

BlueNote 1-5 Operatories

Manage the needs of up to ten patients in the office at once on a single Light panel, depending upon whether they are in check-in or in an operatory. The five arrival lights correspond with five columns of scheduled dentistry, while the Op lights make it easy to summon doctors, ask for assistance, and know which patient is next in line for an exam. You can easily scale the number of Lights up or down and add many more details as your team evolves its use of the program.

BlueNote 6-10 Operatories

This is a continuation of the smaller example code above. Simply delete any unnecessary Lights once you’ve downloaded this Example into System Wide changes and begin using this framework to include or exclude anything, including doctor names, waiting room protocols, notifications, and statuses. This example will allow you to manage the needs of up to twenty patients at any given time.

BlueNote 11+ Operatories

Larger practices are served by a division of workflow between the Front Office and the Back Office light panels. This example increases the number of checkout statuses, virtual waiting room Lights sterilization areas, and operatories without overwhelming the screen with too many Lights all at once. It’s easy to add more doctors, especially if your practice utilizes specialists who aren’t always in the office. This extensive configuration becomes vital for letting everyone know how many patients are waiting for care, and in the proper order.

BlueNote Oral

Surgeons and endodontists find this example a comfortable configuration to begin with, since practices tend to be more compact than general dentistry. Check-in Lights are universal, and especially tuned for patients who may need to text or call before coming into the building. Specialized “Help Needed” lights are the quickest way doctors can summon for immediate assistance to specific locations, and other tasks have been automated as Lights as well.

BlueNote Pediactric

While this example was created with pediatric dentistry in mind, it is very flexible for just about any type of practice. Many offices have open bays, so here lights are labeled as chairs. Also, preventive and restorative arrivals are separated from one another. Three prompted “Help is Needed” Lights are unique to this design. This form factor can be easily transformed for your specific office’s needs and expanded to include many more operatories and chairs.

Configure BlueNote

While BlueNote’s features themselves are easy to program and use, the challenge is knowing what to program. What kind of office do you have? How do you want to display tasks and messages? And how do you want your Lights to work? For that, we’ve created some Examples, so that your Lights are pre-set for your type of office. We currently have examples for Dentistry, Eyecare, Medical, Surgery, Veterinary as well as some generic examples.

To use an Online Example, you'll first need to access System Wide Changes from a BlueNote client. Click here to learn how to use examples.

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