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Why should I try BlueNote Communicator Lights?

Because BlueNotes need to be experienced first, by the people who will actually be using them. The program isn’t simply technology that you can view on a monitor to understand how it really works. Strictly speaking, blue notes are the microtones between the regular notes on a musical scale. You can hear them when they’re played or when someone sings them, but there’s no way to write them down. Blue notes are soul - they are what make all the difference between classical and modern music. There is so much more to our BlueNotes than messaging. The system becomes the living heartbeat of an office, so that everyone knows where kindness is needed, every moment of the day.

It all starts with a Click.

Set your office in motion instantly. Whether you need to notify someone that a patient has arrived, a task should be managed, or a room is ready for a provider, one click of a Light is all it takes. Visual and audible indications your staff can easily understand. BlueNote Lights is a powerful digital representation of your communications workflow.

BlueNote Communicator Lights
BlueNote Light Actions

Important communications never get lost or missed.

Conversations allow team members to target specific computers for private messaging, while the BlueNote Light Panel alerts and timers ensure that notifications and tasks are shared between all users.

Label Text

Visual Aging

Provide your staff with an easy way to determine how long a task or message has been active.

New Light

Stage 2

Stage 3

Label Text

Color coded popup alerts

Popup alerts discreetly let you know when new Lights are activated or when they have been updated.

Label Text

Room 2
2:30 PM | Ready for Dr. A

Tasks can be seen and handled by anyone.

Need something to happen in the office quickly? Turn on a light. When the task is complete, the light is turned off. Each user can choose to opt out of notifications for any task or timer, which prevents unintended interruptions.

Label Text


Every user can choose precise alerts for each Light. The user can select Tone only, Popup Only, or both. A text message or email can also be sent to a user's mobile device if needed.

Popup On/Off

Tone On/Off

SMS On/Off

It’s an intuitive system that needs no training.

Communication Systems should be reliable, repeatable, and effective. Because BlueNote Lights essentially is an overlay of your current workflow, it gives the team a familiar way to check in with one another to make sure everyone’s needs are being met.

Label Text

BlueNotes (Quick Messages)

BlueNotes are defined comments inside a light that can modify an existing light with a color-coded message and can be accompanied by a unique tone if needed.

Ready for Dr. A

Ready for Dr. B

Ready for Dr. C

Ready for Handoff

Ready for Handoff

Ready for Handoff

Assistance Needed

Waiting for dismissal

Bring pt to front

designing BlueNote

One person can design it all.

When you know what your office needs in order to communicate better, it’s easy to set up BlueNote Lights for everyone from your computer, so that each user will receive the office-wide settings automatically as the program is added to all the other computers.

BlueNote is purpose-built for the Healthcare industry, get started today.

purpose-built for healthcare

HIPAA. Patient Safety. Encryption and Security.

BlueNote Communicator Lights is secure. All BlueNote communications stay inside your network, no Internet required. We also use the latest industry standard encryption algorithms to encrypt data transmitted on your network by BlueNote Communicator Lights.

One-click communications in a busy practice is all that is needed to alert staff to a ready patient, a new arrival to the reception room or to call an assistant to an operatory. BlueNote Communicator Lights does not require the use of a server or an internet connection, installation takes only a few minutes and can be set up in your practice without IT help.

Instant messaging and chat programs are great for one-on-one chats, but they are less than ideal when you don't know the location of a staff member. BlueNote has customizable notifications and complete visibility of all active lights.

Intra-office communication and collaboration software built for healthcare practices  |  More secure than radio headsets and internet-based chat programs |  No recurring service or maintenance fees

You’ll find BlueNote helping thousands of practices communicate between rooms quickly in these and many other environments:

General Dentistry
Oral Surgery
Pediatric Dentistry

Eye Care Clinics
Optometry Offices
Ophthalmology Offices
Veterinary Hospitals
Veterinary Offices

Radiology and Imaging Centers
Hospitals and Clinics
Medical Practices
Rehabilitation Centers
Mental Health facilities

Minor Emergency Centers
Physicians Offices
Physical Therapy

Our software is designed, crafted and built in Texas by BlueNote Software

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