Version 8

Upgrade to the latest version of BlueNote

The following versions are eligible to purchase the upgrade at a reduced price.

  • Lights Version 1
  • Lights Version 6
  • Lights Version 7
  • Communicator Classic Version 4.x
  • BlueNote Communicator Version 1.x
  • BlueNote Communicator Version 2.x
  • BlueNote Status

BlueNote Upgrade

Upgrade your entire practice to the latest version of BlueNote and get new features like BlueNote Remote.


per location

  • Upgrade Only. Previous version of BlueNote Required
  • Maintenance updates for the life of the purchased version.
  • Upgrade from any older version of BlueNote Lights, BlueNote Classic or BlueNote Status.

We shape our tools, thereafter our tools shape us.

Marshall McLuhan

Purchasing will not erase, reset, or change any customizations made during the trial period. We encourage existing customers to try the BlueNote upgrade for Free for 30 Days; no Credit Card or payment information required. If you decide not to purchase, you can uninstall the BlueNote upgrade and reinstall your previous version.

Please contact us for an upgrade license to latest major version if you are within your upgrade protection period. Older versions of BlueNote Lights will continue to work and be supported, and as always maintenance release versions will always be free.

Intra-office communication and collaboration software built for healthcare practices  |  More secure than radio headsets and internet-based chat programs |  No recurring service or maintenance fees

You’ll find BlueNote helping thousands of practices communicate between rooms quickly in these and many other environments:

General Dentistry
Oral Surgery
Pediatric Dentistry

Eye Care Clinics
Optometry Offices
Ophthalmology Offices
Veterinary Hospitals
Veterinary Offices

Radiology and Imaging Centers
Hospitals and Clinics
Medical Practices
Rehabilitation Centers
Mental Health facilities

Minor Emergency Centers
Physicians Offices
Physical Therapy

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