BlueNote Communicator Classic

“the original BlueNote communication system”

If you have recently purchased BlueNote or your BlueNote endpoints are showing that they are in trial and you have paid for BlueNote Communicator Classic version 3.x or higher, please complete the form below to obtain a new activation code.

From a BlueNote Endpoint click on Menu then Options. From the Options window click Advanced and then License, you should see two systems. codes. Enter those codes along with the practice information into the the form below.

Note: The System codes are time sensitive and will expire within 24 hours. Please do not restart the System Manager until you have received and entered the new activation code. We only process activations during normal business hours. Please allow a few hours for us to process your request and send the new activation code.

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Intra-Office Communications built for Dental and Medical practices | More secure than radio headsets and Internet chat programs like AIM, Yahoo Messenger and GoogleTalk. You'll find BlueNote helping our thousands of practices communicate quickly in these and in many other environments

General Dentistry
Oral Surgery

Eye Care Clinics
Optometry Offices
Ophthalmology Offices
Veterinary Hospitals
Veterinary Offices

Radiology and Imaging Centers
Hospitals and Clinics
Medical Practices
Rehabilitation Centers

Minor Emergency Centers
Physicians Offices
Physical Therapy