BlueNote Communicator Classic

“…designed specifically for dental and medical practices.”

Add a BlueNote Classic endpoint to a new or existing computer

There are two components to BlueNote Communicator, the System Manager and the Endpoint. The System Manager works behind the scenes to keep track of all of the BlueNote Endpoints. The Endpoint is the actual BlueNote program you will use on all of your computers.

If you are wanting to try BlueNote in your office you will first need to download and install the BlueNote System Manager to start your free 30 day trial. If you are simply adding BlueNote to a new computer, download the correct BlueNote Endpoint version below.

Add BlueNote to a new computer or update an older version of BlueNote to the latest version. We do not charge a per computer license fee for BlueNote, so please download and install BlueNote on as many computers as needed. Once the BlueNote Endpoint is installed it should automatically locate the BlueNote System Manager and start communicating with all of the other BlueNote clients.

Version 4.9.13 (Released on 2/21/2018)

Here is where you'll find the downloaded BlueNote installer:







Discontinued Versions:

Any version of BlueNote Communicator prior to version 4 has been discontinued and will no longer receive any software updates. You can check your version by clicking on “Menu” then “Options”. The software version will either be displayed in the upper right or lower left hand corner.

Download an older version of the BlueNote Client for your existing 1.x or 2.x BlueNote installation

Download BlueNote Version 2 client - (discontinued in 2009)

Download BlueNote Version 1 client - (discontinued in 2007)

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