• 08/21/2018 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.8

    This update contains a few feature updates and some under the hood maintenance. We have fixed some annoying things like Conversations not exporting correctly and improved the user interface in a few areas, below are a few of the changes.

    The conversation name will now show in the title bar of the Conversations window as well as on the main screen.

    BlueNote actions can now have just a color and do not require a name or tone.

    When adding time to delay a post; right-click on the time selection to add a multiple of the time selection. Example: each time you right-click on 60 Min you will add 60 Minutes to the overall delayed time.

    Save settings per computer: For all of the smaller offices using BlueNote, you can now save BlueNote settings per computer and not just for each user. This feature is beneficial when the computer is being used by multiple staff members and settings along with conversations are specific to the computer's location and not each user.

  • 05/25/2018 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.7

    We've made it easier to choose the Windows sound device you need to use for BlueNote. We also added a volume control for all BlueNote sounds. These new settings can be changed in Preferences > Options.

  • 05/4/2018 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.6

    BlueNote 7.6 is here. It’s our “Spit & Polish” release, combining feature and interface improvements into one big update.

    Along with the requisite bug fixes, we have updated History to include Daily Metrics so you can see at a glance how many times a Light is active and the average time it takes to clear it.

    For those users new to BlueNote, this version also introduces Examples as a starting point for building a more customized light panel.

  • 03/14/2018 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.5.314

    Office Status updates and minor bug fixes.

  • 02/14/2018 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.5.179

    Office Status UI updates and minor bug fixes.

  • 01/28/2018 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.5.157

    What’s ten years old? Smart device notifications in BlueNote. What’s better in Version 7.5? Smart Device Notifications in BlueNote! Now all you need is to know your phone number or email address, no passwords, to begin receiving Light activations on your smart phones and watches. Also, we now have integration with Pushover.net so that you can control Light notifications separately from your other email or text notifications.

    Other changes include diagnostic report improvements and the usual minor bug fixes and interface tweaks.

  • 11/14/2017 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.4.79 Update

    Another month, another update. For all of our clients who have wished for their Conversations to sort themselves better…poof! Wish granted. Here’s a list of all of the improvements we’ve made in this release:

    All conversations are now separated into two tabs: Unread and Read
    Conversation replies are collapsed, with the last reply shown
    Improvements in the timestamps and user interface
    Option added to automatically delete all conversations each day
    Prior message compilations will not be erased by opening a conversation

    Everything else:
    Lights can be cleared from Popup Alerts with a right-click, if Right Click to Clear is turned on in System Wide Changes
    Network settings will apply to all users on the computer if permissions allow
    Clicking X to close the menu does not minimize the Light Panel
    Sequenced View arrow icon added
    Moved a few buttons around in Advanced options
    Admin file updates
    Minor bug fixes

    Also, for everyone who enjoys waking up to our Quote of the Day, we’ve added a few more of those as well.  On that note, here’s one that sums up BlueNote for us as we enter the holiday season:

    Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.  - William Arthur Ward

  • 10/18/2017 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.3.77 Update

    We feel like busy little sloths sometimes - full of intent, but the overall speed to complete a goal is s-l-o-w. Now that this round of improvements is finally over, here’s what’s new:

    Individual workstations:
    Conversations Options: Remove offline users from Users list
    History Window: Double-click for a complete history of a light activation event
    Popups: Extended option of time to clear to 8 hours for both Lights and Conversations
    Menu buttons moved around and some have changed colors
    Registration process improved with instructions added
    Dual Path Connections to Multicast Networking
    Alert Manager: Ability to disable the BlueNote tone within a “no tone” Light.
    Minor bug fixes and user interface improvements

    System Wide:
    Aging timers: Extended aging maximum time to 8 hours
    Ability to disable Light Aging on all computers
    Alert Zones can be programmed to turn off select Light Panels but still allow the local Alert Manager to function
    Enable right-clicks to clear active lights for all clients (in Client Options SWC)
    Light flashing options have been moved to System Wide Changes - Client Options

  • 8/5/2017 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.2.106 Update

    New Conversation Groups
    New Option to turn off Windows taskbar notification of new and updated conversations.
    New Administrative Restrictions

    Bug fixes and UI updates

  • 6/25/2017 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.1.36 Update

    Updated Right clicking on the P1 - P3 Priority buttons will immediately update the Priority Status.

    Updated Sequenced View updates

  • 6/14/2017 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.1.33 Update

    New Added a local option for popup alerts to use the Light Color Tag and ignore the BlueNote color.

    New Added Firewall Information to Menu > Help.

    Bug fixes and UI updates

  • 6/3/2017 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.1.11 Update

    Whats New:

    Conversations message history has been updated for improved readability.
    Conversations popup alerts were changed to match the new styling.
    Minor UI improvements and bug fixes

  • 5/17/2017 Update

    BlueNote Lights 6.7 maintenance update

    Whats New:

    Updates and bug fixes
    Improved compatibility with Windows 10 Creators Update

    This will be an automatic update for most users, if needed the update can also be manually downloaded and installed here. Version 6.7 is a free update for all BlueNote client versions 5.x and 6.x.

  • 4/26/2017 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7 update

    Whats New:

    Minor updates
    Added the ability to disable Email Alerts for all clients

  • 4/14/2017 Major Release

    BlueNote Version 7 has landed!

    Whats New:

    BlueNotes have been given new life in Version 7. Lights can now be modified with the addition of an additional BlueNote message. Up to 72 custom BlueNotes can be created and assigned to eight different BlueNote message panels for use inside a Light button. Each Light button can then be assigned up to four BlueNote message panels. Each BlueNotes contains a message, color and selected tone.

    Lights Priorities: An active Light can be given a Priority from 1 – 3 to indicate urgency, or simply where to go or what to handle next. Priorities override time stamps.

    Expanded capacity for super-large practices or creative small ones Create up to four panels of Lights, each with 30 programmable Lights for a system total of 120 Lights.

    Integrated Light Sequencing: When you click the Time and Date button, all of the lights in the current Light panel appear in the order they were activated. Clicking the Sequenced button to the left of the time and date button will show a sequenced list of all active lights, comments, colors and priority.

    Do Not Disturb can automatically turn off after a preset amount of time.

    User experience, improved menu placements and network refinements throughout the entire system.

  • 2/21/2017

    BlueNote Lights update 6

    Maintenance Update Version 6 Update 6 Build 117
    Updated Current updates and news in Help.

    Bug fixes
    Minor UI updates

    Version 6 and all updates are compatible with BlueNote version 5.x and 6.x clients that are already installed.

  • 1/1/2017

    2017 Maintenance Updates

    Minor maintenance updates for BlueNote Lights and BlueNote Classic.

    Maintenance Updates BlueNote Lights Version 6 Update 5 Build 139

    Maintenance Updates BlueNote Classic Endpoint (client) Version 4.7.7
    Maintenance Updates BlueNote Classic System Manager Version 4.7.3

  • 11/28/2016

    BlueNote Lights Version 6 Update 5

    New Feature Emergency Light type
    New Feature High Alert Light type
    New Feature Windows Hotkeys
    New Feature Option to start BlueNote in full screen mode

    Bug fixes
    Minor UI updates

  • 9/9/2016

    BlueNote Lights Version 6 Update 4

    New Feature Option to launch Sequenced View automatically when BlueNote starts
    Updated Email Alerts

    Bug fixes
    Minor UI updates

  • 5/24/2016

    BlueNote Lights Version 6 Update 3

    New Feature Right-Clicking on the conversations button will open the conversations window and minimize the Light Panel
    New Feature Right-Clicking on a Quick Action button will add the message to the comments field for further editing
    Updated Feature Added 'show the first comment only' to the 'After a Light is activated' feature in Options, Light Panel
    Updated Popups clear time was increased to 480 Minutes
    Updated Saved Conversations have been increased to 200
    Updated Last Quote shown during startup has been added to the Help window

    Bug fixes
    Network updates
    Minor UI updates

  • 3/21/2016

    Delayed Light Activation

    If you need something at a specified time, you can now delay the activation of the light until needed.

    Delayed Ligjht Activation
  • 3/18/2016

    BlueNote Lights Version 6 Update 2

    New Feature Delayed Light Activation. A Light can now have a delayed (timed) activation
    Updated Feature 3 additional Quick Actions were added per Light
    Updated Feature Popup Alert Colors will now follow a Lights Color Tag if programmed
    Updated Feature Right-Clicking on a Quick Message will now immediately post the message

    Network updates
    Minor UI updates
    Minor bug fixes

  • 1/6/2016

    BlueNote Lights Version 6 Update 1

    Minor UI updates
    Added - Clear Light option to Popup Alert Menu
    Fixed - Default Tones not showing correctly in System Wide Changes

    BlueNote Light Version 6.x is compatible with all Version 5.x clients. This version is also a free update to all BlueNote Lights customers.

  • 10/19/2015

    Re-Size It!

    BlueNote Lights Version 6 is now resizable. You can keep BlueNote smaller for daily use and then fill the entire screen when needed.

    BlueNote Lights Resizing
  • 10/19/2015 Major Release

    BlueNote Lights Version 6

    Version 6.0

    Main Light Window is now resizable
    New - Office Status feature was added
    New - Alert Manager Zones were added
    New - Quick Actions for Lights
    Updated - Panel names are now added to comments for active lights
    Fixed - Conversations popup timer
    Updated - Light panel options in settings
    Updated - Increased the Lights comments length
    UI updates

    BlueNote Light Version 6.x is compatible with all Version 5.x clients. This version is also a free update to all BlueNote Lights customers.

  • 08/03/2015

    BlueNote Lights Update

    Version 5.6.103

    Added Tone Assist feature to the Tones & Popups tab of the Alert Manager.
    Added New Tones: Op1 - Op25
    Added New Tones: Station 1 - Station 25
    Added New Tones: Doctor 1 - 5
    Added New Tones: Hygienist 1 - 5
    Added New Tones: Assistant 1 - 5
    Updated Help screen
    Minor user interface changes
    Fixed a Idle Color Tags showing black when not programmed

  • 07/29/2015

    Windows 10 Compatible

    BlueNote Communicator Lights and BlueNote Communicator Classic are both Windows 10 compatible.

  • 06/17/2015

    BlueNote Lights Update

    Version 5.6.73

    Added Idle Color Tags to help differentiate groups of lights
    Changed the Quick Message limit from 20 to 40 Quick Messages
    Added Email Alerts (Beta) to the Alert Manager. This will allow certain Lights to send an email alert when activated or updated.
    UI Improvements
    Minor bug fixes

  • 05/09/2015

    BlueNote Lights Update

    Version 5.5.46

    Maintenance and Compatibility update

  • 10/22/2014

    Whats new in 5.1?

    Interface changes and Conversation color groups. Yes, we said groups. First things first, you may notice that the time bar at the top now has a button to either side. These are panel tabs, and are used to switch between two different sets of Lights. These tabs are now shown in all configurations, even if you have less than 30 lights programmed.

    My Image

    Ok, so whats up with this group thing? It’s Simple really, each Communicator client has an option to select a conversation color group. Once a color has been selected, that client will be grouped with all other clients using the same group. In addition to being grouped with other clients by color, clients will also be sorted by group color. In other words the Green group will always be shown above the yellow group.

    My Image
  • 9/2/2014 Major Release

    BlueNote Communicator 5 is here!

    Good software is fluid. It must bend itself to the needs of new technologies, new ways of working, new ways of thinking.

    Let’s just get to the point here. BlueNote Communicator is changing, and if you’re using one of our older products, it might hurt a bit to switch over to the new look and feel of BlueNote Communicator Lights. When you’re ready of course.

    You may already be familiar with its predecessors, BlueNote Communicator 4, BlueNote Lights and BlueNote Status. BlueNote Communicator 4 is now known as BlueNote Communicator Classic. BlueNote Communicator Classic has been around since 2005 in one form or another, and it will continue to be available and supported for a good long time. However, because the new BlueNote Communicator is a more enhanced version of BlueNote Lights we’ve made the decision to merge those two systems into a single program as well as discontinue development on BlueNote Status.

    As eager as we are about sharing all of the changes that are happening with our systems, we do also realize that our current users may have a few questions about what this means for them.

    BlueNote Communicator Classic is not going away. If you are using Classic and love it, please continue doing so, because it is still very much sold, supported, updated and cared for. Classic has all of its class; it is just not the “flagship” product any more.

    BlueNote Lights users may upgrade to BlueNote Communicator Lights for free. No matter when it was purchased, you are able to download the enhanced BlueNote Communicator Lights easily, without having to contact us for a new license or anything. A warning though: you must upgrade all users on your BlueNote Lights network to BlueNote Communicator Lights in order for everyone to connect.

    BlueNote Status has been discontinued. If you are using Status and love it, please continue doing so. We will continue to offer support and maintenance updates as needed for sometime to come. If you have a current aftercare maintenance plan then you are eligible to upgrade to BlueNote Communicator Lights for free.

    Still under aftercare maintenance? BlueNote Communicator Lights is free for you as well, but you will have to contact us for a new license and change to an entirely different method of messaging.

    If you’re a new user to BlueNote Communicator Lights, that is good news too! You’re unencumbered by any prior experience or expectations about using our software. We think it’s easier and more intuitive to navigate than ever before. Our hope is that we’ve set the learning curve low enough so that even our seasoned users will be ready for something new, something that simply works, all the time, for everyone in your practice.

  • 05/25/2018 Update

    BlueNote Lights 7.7.116

    We've made it easier to choose the Windows sound device you need to use for BlueNote. We also added a volume control for all BlueNote sounds. These new settings can be changed in Preferences > Options.

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