Release Notes:

BlueNote 7.8

This update contains a few feature updates and some under the hood maintenance. We have fixed some annoying things like Conversations not exporting correctly and improved the user interface in a few areas, below are a few of the changes.

The conversation name will now show in the title bar of the Conversations window as well as on the main screen.

BlueNote actions can now have just a color and do not require a name or tone.

When adding time to delay a post; right-click on the time selection to add a multiple of the time selection. Example: each time you right-click on 60 Min you will add 60 Minutes to the overall delayed time.

Save settings per computer: For all of the smaller offices using BlueNote, you can now save BlueNote settings per computer and not just for each user. This feature is beneficial when the computer is being used by multiple staff members and settings along with conversations are specific to the computer's location and not each user.

1) Download the latest version of BlueNote below.

2) Run the bluenotesetup.exe installer. Windows administrator privileges will be required.

3) The BlueNote installer will update the installed version to the newer version, BlueNote should restart after the update. No data or settings will be lost during the update.

Version 7.8.137 Released on 9/27/2018

Here is where you'll find the downloaded BlueNote installer:







Having any problems with downloading and installing? Please contact us with any issues you may be having.

This is the full version of the software; none of the features have been disabled. After installation you can enter the registration code that you received upon purchase or you can use BlueNote in your office for up to 30 days free of charge.

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