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BlueNote Lights Version 8

Version 8 is our most current BlueNote Lights program. It is compatible with version 7 clients with a few differences, but not with version 6 or previous versions.

Register your BlueNote Clients

If you have added new computers or have some that are no longer registered and showing the trial has expired message, use the link below to learn how to keep all of your BlueNote clients registered.

Download BlueNote Version 8

If you already have a license and need to add BlueNote Lights to a new computer, use the download link below. This link will also install the latest version over any older 8.x client that needs the latest update.

Need Support

BlueNote has onboard diagnostics and the ability to start a support conversation; follow these quick and easy steps.

1) Open your BlueNote client.

2) Click Menu, Help, Support, Contact Us

Be as detailed as possible; the more information we have, the faster we can help you resolve the issue or answer your question.

Online support guides

Answers and solutions to some of the more common questions for BlueNote.

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