The current major version of BlueNote Communicator Lights is 6. This version is a free upgrade to all BlueNote Lights customers using versions 1 - 5. Installing version 6 will remove the previous version of BlueNote and install the new version. Please note that BlueNote version 1 is not compatible with versions 5 or 6 so all computers will need to be upgraded.

Discontinued Versions

If you are using an older version of BlueNote Lights and are not ready to upgrade to the latest version, you can download older versions below.

Communicator Lights version 6 is a free upgrade to all BlueNote Lights version 1 customers. Also, be advised that all clients will need to be upgraded at the same time since version 5 and 6 are not compatible with version 1.

To install BlueNote, click the download button below and choose run if prompted. Otherwise you will need to locate the downloaded file and double-click to start the installation wizard.

Having any problems with downloading and installing? Please contact us with any issues you may be having.

This is the full version of the software; none of the features have been disabled. After installation you will need to enter the registration code that you received upon purchase.

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