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System Wide Changes

It’s extremely likely that the default settings of BlueNote Communicator aren’t all appropriate for your practice, and that you’ll want to change many of them as soon as you’ve figured out how the software works and what it can do for you.

Do you need Lights to call doctors to treatment rooms? Maybe a few Lights to announce patient arrivals? What about specific tasks? Do those need lights as well? Think about all the needs you have for staff members who move around your office frequently, and then you can begin designing your customized light panel.

The text of each light, as well as its individual tone, and even the timers and quick messages can be changed to suit your style and needs, but these changes need to affect every computer in the practice to promote uniformity and prevent confusion. In other words, all Lights are in the exact same formation and play the same tones, and change color at the same times, regardless of their location in the practice.

Because System Wide Changes are permanent and affect all computers, they have been placed within the Options menu in a manner that keeps them from being accidentally altered.

1) Click Menu and then select Options

BlueNote Menu

2) Select the Advanced tab and then click the orange System Wide Changes button

BlueNote Options Advanced

3) Since any BlueNote client can make changes we are confirming the user understands that these changes will affect all computers.

System Wide Changes

4) If you are wanting to add, change or delete Lights, then select Lights (1-30) for the first tab or Lights (31-60) for the second tab of Lights. Each tab can have up to 30 Lights for a total capacity of 60 Lights. Click on the Light you want to add, change or delete.

BlueNote Lights Programming

5) Add or edit the Light text, select a tone and choose a color tag for the light. By adding a colon: to the end of the Light text, that Light will no longer immediately post; instead it will bring up the Light’s action window so that additional information may be added. You can use the copy button to save time selecting tones and colors on the next light. If you no longer want this Light, then click Delete.

Edit Light

6) Save your changes, or as we call it, Publish. When you are done making changes you need to send these changes to all of the other BlueNote clients. To do this, select the Publish tab and then choose Publish.


Tip: If you want to keep all BlueNote clients updated with any changes you may make, turn on Keep all clients updated at the top of the publish screen. If this options is selected then this client will need to be online anytime changes are published.

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