BlueNote Communicator

We make intra-office communication simple!

Quick Start

Ok, so you are ready to install BlueNote in your office. Here are a few simple things you need to know first:

You will need to install BlueNote Lights on all of your computers where you need communications. You can do this over time as you become more familiar with BlueNote if you only want to install it on a few computers at first. Also, since BlueNote does not have any server components you can start the installation on any computer you would like.

You need to understand that BlueNote has two methods of communication. The main method is the Light panel; this is used for 360-degree visibility of alerts when you don't know where a staff member may be. The most common uses are: Need Assistant, Need Hyg Check, Patient Ready Room X, Ready for MA, Patient Arrived, etc…

The second is Conversations; this is used for direct, one-on-one communications with one or more staff members.

Customization. At some point you will want to customize BlueNote to fit the needs of your practice.

Here is a quick rundown of how to get started:

1) From BlueNote, click Menu then select Options.
2) Select Advanced and then choose System Wide Changes.

3) When prompted, type in the word configure. You are now in the System Wide Changes Editor. From here you can customize BlueNote to fit the needs of your practice.

4) Save your changes, or as we call it, Publish. When you are done making changes you need to send these changes to all of the other BlueNote clients. To do this, select the Publish tab and then choose Publish. Tip: If you want to keep all computers updated with any changes you may make, click the Keep all clients updated button at the top of the publish screen.

Intra-Office Communications built for Dental and Medical practices | More secure than radio headsets and Internet chat programs like AIM, Yahoo Messenger and GoogleTalk. You'll find BlueNote helping our thousands of practices communicate quickly in these and in many other environments

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