BlueNote Communicator Classic

“the original BlueNote communication system”

BlueNote Classic Support

Each installation of BlueNote Classic has a user guide included. You can locate the user guide by clicking the Windows Start button, then click All Programs, and locate the BlueNote Endpoint folder.

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  • Disconnected or Not Working (BlueNote client problems).

    Follow the steps in the link below to get your BlueNote Endpoint reconnected to the BlueNote System Manager.

    You will also need to make sure that you have an exception for BlueNote in your Windows Firewall and/or any 3rd party anti-malware software you are using.

  • Trial has expired. BlueNote is saying our Trial has expired, we have already purchased BlueNote

    Anytime the BlueNote System Manager is moved to a new computer or the computer is upgraded, BlueNote will need to be re-activated. Use the form below to request a new activation code, the information supplied will need to match the information we have in your account.

    Note: The System codes are time sensitive and will expire within 24 hours. Please do restart the System Manager until you have received and entered the new activation code. We only process activations during normal business hours. Please allow a few hours for us to process your request and send the new activation code.

  • Move reinstall or update the BlueNote System Manager

    Follow the steps in the link below to move or reinstall your BlueNote System Manager version 4.x

    Re-install or update to the latest version of the BlueNote System Manager.

    Follow the steps in the link below to move or reinstall your BlueNote Server version 2.x

  • Change location names, add BlueNotes, or changes the tones?

    Use the link below if you need to add, remove or edit any of your NoteBoard Locations, BlueNote Names or Tones.

    System Wide Changes are global changes which affect all BlueNote endpoints on the network. Local Settings affect only one BlueNote workstation at a time. System Wide Changes can be made from any BlueNote endpoint.

  • BlueNote System Manager not starting after a reboot

    The BlueNote System Manager does not run as a service; a user will always need to be logged into the server in order for BlueNote to run. It was never our intent for the System Manger to run on a server although many practices do so. The best solution would be to move the System Manger to a computer that is always on when the practice is open.

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  • Add BlueNote to a new computer, or update an existing one

    Use the link below to download and install BlueNote Communicator Classic on a new computer or to update an existing BlueNote endpoint to the latest version.

  • Endpoint vs. System Manager

    The BlueNote System Manager is the main component of BlueNote that connects all of the endpoints (clients) together.

    The BlueNote Endpoint is the actual software that you load and use on all of your computers, the System Manager will only need to be installed on a single computer. Multiple installations of the System Manager on a network can cause problems.

  • Requirements

    BlueNote Communicator Lights is compatible with all 32/64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows starting with XP and coming into modern times with Windows 10. We also support Windows based tablets running Windows 8.1 pro or higher.

    Currently BlueNote only runs on Microsoft Windows. We do however support the use of BlueNote running inside a virtual machine with OS X as the host operating system. We recommend VMWare Fusion, Parallels and VirtualBox.

  • Current Versions

    BlueNote Endpoint 4.9.13

    BlueNote System Manager 4.9.18

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