BlueNote Communicator Classic

“…designed specifically for dental and medical practices.”

Endpoint not connecting or disconnected

The BlueNote Endpoint is disconnected or trying to connect. Follow the steps below to reconnect your BlueNote Endpoint to the System Manager.

1) Verify the BlueNote System Manager is running

Is your BlueNote the only one that is disconnected? If all of the BlueNote Endpoints are disconnected then your System Manager is either not running or is being blocked by a Firewall or Anti-Malware software.

The first thing you need to do is restart the BlueNote System Manager. To do this, locate the computer that is running the BlueNote System Manager. From that computer verify that the BlueNote System Manager is running, if not, then you will need to start the BlueNote System Manager. If the System Manager is already running then you will need to shut it down and then restart it.

If this did not work then try step 2.

2) Reset your BlueNote Endpoints network settings

From the Endpoint that is not connecting, click Menu > Options > Advanced > Network Settings. On the Network Settings window click the Default button and then shutdown and restart the BlueNote endpoint.

Network Information

If this did not work then try step 3.

3) Connect Directly to the BlueNote System Manager

If resetting the network settings did not work then go to the computer with the BlueNote System Manager, from the System Manager click on Help then Show Endpoint Configuration Information and then follow the Steps.

Network System Manager Location

If connecting directly to the BlueNote System Manager did not work then you will need to contact your IT support for help with network configuration, Firewall and Anti-Virus exceptions.

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