BlueNote Communicator Classic

“…designed specifically for dental and medical practices.”

There are two components to BlueNote Classic: the System Manager and the Endpoint (client). The System Manager is necessary for licensing and global settings. It works behind the scenes to keep track of all of the workstations. Make sure that it is installed on a computer that will be turned on every day, this computer can be any computer in your practice as long as it is online throughout the entire workday. The System Manager does not have to be installed on your server.

The Endpoint is the actual BlueNote Communicator Classic program, and will need to be installed on every computer where you will need communications. You may also need to install the Endpoint on the same computer running the System Manager if this computer will also be used for communications.

Warning - If you have already downloaded and installed the BlueNote System Manager then you need to install BlueNote Endpoints at each computer. Only one System Manager should be installed per practice. Download BlueNote Classic Endpoint

Here is where you'll find the downloaded BlueNote installer:







Note: Only install the System Manager on one computer.

Once you have installed the System Manager, it will be accessible from your Windows Start Menu, as well as from an icon on your desktop. Locate the icon and double-click it to launch the program. We have also provided you with a Quick Start Guide to help you get started. Simply double-click the “BlueNote QuickStart” icon on your Windows desktop. You may want to print and take the two sheets of the Quick Start Guide with you as you install BlueNote Communicator at each computer workstation.

The System Manager software will allow BlueNote to run for 30 days from the time it is installed before requiring an activation code. If you need additional time please contact our sales department for a trial extension or permanent activation code.

Having any problems with downloading and installing BlueNote Communicator? You’re welcome to call us at (469) 888-8451 or send an email to [email protected] with any issues you may be having. This is the full version of the software; none of the features have been disabled.

Thank you for your interest in BlueNote. We hope that our software helps streamline your practice communication.

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